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Integrated plastic packaging solutions


In the dynamic world of packaging, where safety, efficiency and sustainability are essential, we introduce our innovative line of raffia products that will revolutionize the way packaging challenges are addressed in various industry sectors. In an environment where product protection during transportation and storage is crucial, our raffia offers a versatile and reliable solution that meets the highest quality standards.

Alveolar Plastic

Honeycomb plastic is an exceptionally versatile and functional material that has revolutionized several industries. Its distinctive feature lies in its unique cellular structure, similar to a honeycomb, composed of small interconnected cells. This structure gives the honeycomb plastic a surprising combination of properties: it is lightweight, yet incredibly strong and durable. It is a cellular polypropylene that is presented in double-wall extruded synthetic polypropylene sheets.

Plastic Sleeves & Sheets

Plastic sleeves and sheets are essential elements in a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and household applications. These versatile packaging and protection solutions play a critical role in the preservation and presentation of products, as well as in the efficient management of resources. In this product sheet, we will explore in detail the characteristics, benefits and uses of plastic sleeves and sheets, highlighting their importance in everyday life and in various sectors.

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