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Alveolar Plastic

Honeycomb plastic is an exceptionally versatile and functional material that has revolutionized several industries. Its distinctive feature lies in its unique cellular structure, similar to a honeycomb, composed of small interconnected cells. This structure gives the honeycomb plastic a surprising combination of properties: it is lightweight, yet incredibly strong and durable. It is a cellular polypropylene that is presented in double-wall extruded synthetic polypropylene sheets.

Why is Alveolar Plastic interesting for your business?

It is a material similar to classic cardboard but with the benefits of being much more resistant, cleaner and impermeable.

Imagine a material that can meet your packaging needs efficiently and safely. The honeycomb plastic is perfectly suited to this function, offering impact protection while maintaining a reduced weight, resulting in lower shipping and handling costs.

Need a customized solution?

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Alveolar Plastic Formats we offer

Designed to meet your specific requirements, our product is available in a variety of formats, ensuring you find the perfect option for your projects.

  • Available Formats: Sheet, Roll, Disc and More

We offer plastic honeycomb in various formats, including sheets, rolls, and even circles, allowing you to choose the presentation that best suits your needs. Whether you are looking for efficiency in installation or precision in shape, our different formats will provide you with flexibility and convenience.

  • Custom Sizes and Colors

We understand that each project is unique, so we offer honeycomb plastic in a wide range of sizes to meet your exact specifications. From standard to custom sizes, we are committed to providing you with the perfect size for your needs. In addition, our product is available in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the aesthetics that best reflect your preferences and branding needs.

  • Thicknesses for Strength and Durability

The thickness of the plastic honeycomb plays a crucial role in its performance. We understand that strength is essential for many projects, so we offer a variety of thickness options. From thinner options that offer lightness and flexibility to more robust thicknesses that provide greater strength and durability, you can find the perfect combination for your specific requirements.

  • Maximum widths of 2500 mm

For projects requiring more generous dimensions, we are pleased to offer honeycomb plastic in widths up to 2500 mm. This makes it possible to tackle larger and more demanding projects with a solution that retains its quality and strength even in larger sizes.

In case this solution does not perfectly fit the needs of your products or services you can always contact us directly and we will be happy to find the best alternative for you.

Sectors where Alveolar Plastic is used

Honeycomb plastic stands out for its versatility and adaptability, which makes it an essential material in a variety of industrial sectors. Its unique properties have led to its widespread use in a number of key applications:

  1. Packaging and Logistics

Honeycomb plastic is the perfect choice for protecting products during transportation and storage. Its cellular structure provides impact resistance while maintaining a light weight, which reduces logistics costs and improves product safety.

  1. Advertising and Signage

In the field of advertising and signage, honeycomb plastic shines. Its surface is ideal for printing high quality graphics, making it the preferred choice for eye-catching signs, displays and stands.

  1. Construction and Architecture

In construction projects, honeycomb plastic is used in cladding, false ceilings and temporary partitions. Its lightweight yet rugged nature facilitates handling and installation, saving time and resources.

  1. Automotive Industry

Honeycomb plastic has been integrated into vehicle manufacturing for lightweight structural components. This contributes to both fuel efficiency and overall car performance.

  1. Agriculture and Horticulture

In the agricultural sector, honeycomb plastic is used in the construction of greenhouses and hydroponic growing systems. Its ability to regulate light and heat is especially beneficial for crop growth.

  1. Product Protection and Packaging

Honeycomb material is a popular choice for creating surface protectors and protective packaging for fragile objects. Its ability to absorb shocks protects products during storage and transport.

  1. Arts and Crafts

In the creative field, honeycomb plastic offers a versatile base for arts and crafts projects. Its ease of cutting and manipulation allows the creation of intricate designs.

  1. Medical and Pharmaceutical Sector

In the medical industry, honeycomb plastic is used to manufacture trays and supports for medical equipment. In addition, its use in medical device packaging helps maintain product integrity.

These applications are just a sample of the versatility of honeycomb plastic in a wide range of sectors. Its ability to combine strength, lightness and ease of handling makes it an unmatched solution to meet a variety of industrial needs.


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