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Integrated industrial paper solutions

Plasticized Raffia Paper

The “Raffia Plasticized Paper” product is an innovative solution that combines the versatility and durability of plastic with the look and feel of traditional paper, offering a wide range of applications in various fields. This unique creation is the result of laminating a thin layer of tough plastic onto high quality paper, resulting in a material that has the best of both worlds.

Plasticized Paper

Our innovative laminated paper is the ultimate solution to protect, preserve and enhance your products in an efficient and sustainable way. In our constant quest to deliver packaging solutions that exceed industry expectations, we are proud to present this revolutionary breakthrough that combines the strength and versatility of paper with the durability of plastic.

Paraffined Paper

Wax paper is a versatile and useful product that has found its way into a variety of applications in the home, food industry, and beyond. This paper, also known as wax paper, is notable for its paraffin coating on one or both sides, which gives it unique properties that differentiate it from other types of common paper.

Interleaving paper

Interleaving, also known as separating paper or collation paper, is a type of thin and lightweight paper used to separate and protect delicate or sensitive objects from each other. Its main function is to prevent direct contact between the surfaces of objects, avoiding possible damage, rubbing, scratching or ink transfer between them.

Laminated Mallado Paper

Mesh laminated paper, a revolutionary solution designed to raise packaging standards and provide unparalleled protection.

Mesh laminated paper represents a milestone in the packaging materials industry, merging the strength of paper with the durability of plastic in ingenious ways. This product is meticulously designed to address the most demanding challenges in terms of product handling, storage, and transportation. Whether you need to pack fragile items, delicate electronics, or heavy industrial products, our mesh laminated paper offers a versatile and reliable solution.

Crepe Paper

In the dynamic world of packaging, where protection, presentation and functionality are essential. Crepe Paper is designed to meet the most demanding challenges in the packaging industry. It is much more than a simple wrapping material, it is a versatile and efficient solution that adapts to a wide range of applications and requirements.

Kraft Paper

We present to you a jewel in the field of packaging, our superior quality Kraft Paper. Let us immerse you in the universe of innovation and functionality offered by our product, designed to exceed the most demanding expectations in today’s packaging.

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