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Paraffined Paper

Wax paper is a versatile and useful product that has found its way into a variety of applications in the home, food industry, and beyond. This paper, also known as wax paper, is notable for its paraffin coating on one or both sides, which gives it unique properties that differentiate it from other types of common paper.

Paraffined Paper

In addition to its functionality, wax paper is environmentally friendly as it is biodegradable and compostable. This makes it a more sustainable option compared to other packaging and wrapping materials.

Characteristics of Wax Paper

Paraffin paper is an exceptional product that is distinguished by its unique characteristics and versatility in various applications. One of its main qualities is its waterproof and anti-grease ability, which makes it an invaluable solution for packaging parts that contain oil or grease. Its paraffin coating creates an effective barrier that prevents oils and liquids from penetrating the paper, thus keeping surfaces clean and dry. This property makes it particularly suitable for wrapping oiled or greased components, as well as for packaging metal parts that may be exposed to adverse conditions.

Another prominent application of wax paper is its use as an insulator in the bottom of wooden or cardboard boxes. By placing this paper at the base of the boxes, a layer of protection is provided that helps prevent the transfer of moisture or grease from the surface of the parts into the packaging material. This is especially useful in situations where you need to preserve the integrity of your products and prevent potential damage during transport or storage.

Paraffin paper has also become an essential resource in the food industry and food handling. Its water and grease repellent property makes it ideal for wrapping fatty foods such as snacks and sandwiches, ensuring that oils and juices do not leach through the paper and maintaining the freshness of the food. In addition, its use in bakery trays and pans facilitates the release of baked goods and reduces the need to use additional fats in preparation.

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Available wax paper formats

Wax paper is available in a variety of formats to suit a variety of needs and applications:

  • Texture Formats:
  1. Smooth: Smooth and uniform surface, ideal for wrapping food and protecting products with sensitive surfaces.
  2. Curly: Wavy and rough texture that provides grip and slip resistance. Suitable for wrapping irregularly shaped objects and creating non-slip surfaces in trays or containers.
  • Grammage Formats (thickness):
  1. 50 grs/m2: Light and flexible weight, perfect for food wraps and craft projects that require delicacy and flexibility.
  2. 100 grs/m2: Intermediate option that combines strength and flexibility, suitable for a wide variety of applications, from food wrapping to creative projects.
  3. 150 grs/m2: Higher density that offers additional strength, suitable for packaging that requires durability, such as bags for carrying heavy objects.
  4. 200 grs/m2: Higher grammage provides robustness and solidity. Ideal for industrial and packaging applications involving heavy products or rough handling.
  5. 250 grs/m2: The higher grammage option guarantees greater strength and durability. Used in situations where exceptional protection and support is needed, such as insulation in wooden or cardboard boxes.

In which sectors is Wax Paper used?

Wax paper is used in a variety of industries due to its unique and versatile properties. Here is a list of some of the industries in which this type of paper is used:

  1. Manufacturing & Packaging: In the manufacturing industry, wax paper is used to pack parts that contain oil or grease, as well as in packaging metal parts. It is also used as an insulator in wooden or cardboard boxes to protect products during transport and storage.
  2. Transportation Industry: In the transportation industry, wax paper is used to wrap and protect parts and components that may be exposed to harsh conditions during shipping.
  3. Crafts & Crafts: Artists and craft enthusiasts use wax paper for various creative techniques, such as image transfers and candle decorating projects.
  4. Chemical & Automotive Industry: Paraffin paper is used in the handling of chemicals and mechanical parts in the automotive and chemical industry due to its resistance to oil and grease.
  5. Home & Kitchen: In addition to industrial uses, wax paper also has applications in the home, such as lining baking trays to prevent food from sticking and as a clean work surface for kneading or rolling dough.
  6. Gift Packaging Industry: In the gift packaging industry, wax paper can be used to wrap delicate products and prevent damage or staining.
  7. Catering Industry: Restaurants and food establishments use wax paper to wrap takeaway food, maintaining freshness and preventing liquids and oils from leaking out.
  8. Personal Care Industry: In the manufacture of personal care products, such as scented candles or beauty products, wax paper can be used to create attractive and functional packaging.
  9. Medical Industry: In some cases, wax paper can be used in the handling and packaging of medical equipment and supplies, as its resistance to water and grease can be beneficial.
  10. Food industry: Wax paper is widely used in the food industry to wrap fatty foods, such as sandwiches, hamburgers, and baked goods. It is also used in bakery to line trays and molds, preventing baked goods from sticking and making them easier to remove.

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