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Carton Packaging Solutions

Cardboard Dividers

Carton separators emerge as ingenious and versatile solutions that not only simplify organization, but also safeguard the integrity of products during transportation and storage. In addition, they are really economical products due to their simplicity of manufacture.

Corrugated Cardboard Rolls

Corrugated rolls represent a versatile and essential solution in a wide range of industries and applications. Known for its multi-layer structure composed of an inner and outer sheet and a corrugated core, this product offers a unique combination of strength and light weight that makes it a popular choice for packaging and protecting various types of products.

Carton with Polyethylene and PET

Polyethylene and PET cardboard is an innovative material that combines the properties of cardboard, polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in a single block, offering unique advantages in terms of strength, durability and sustainability. This material is used in a variety of applications, from packaging to promotional products.

Polyethylene and PET cardboard is made up of three distinct layers: a core layer of corrugated cardboard, which provides rigidity and structure, and two outer layers of polyethylene and PET that act as protective barriers. Polyethylene confers water and wear resistance, while PET adds an extra layer of moisture protection and contributes to the material’s tensile strength.

Cardboard Butt-Pad

Cardboard corner protectors are elements used in the packaging and protection of goods during transportation and storage. These are profiles or corners made of strong, rigid cardboard, specifically designed to reinforce and protect the edges and corners of boxes, pallets and other types of packaging.


Are you looking for an innovative and efficient solution to optimize your supply chain and reduce costs? Introducing Slipsheet, a revolutionary alternative to conventional plastic or wooden pallets. Our slip sheets are made from multiple layers of high quality kraft paper, offering a versatile and eco-friendly solution for your packaging and transportation needs.

Imagine saying goodbye to heavy, bulky and expensive pallets that take up valuable space in your warehouse and increase shipping costs. With Slipsheet, you can simplify your cargo handling process, reduce transportation costs and free up space to store more products.

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