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Cardboard Butt-Pad

Cardboard corner protectors are elements used in the packaging and protection of goods during transportation and storage. These are profiles or corners made of strong, rigid cardboard, specifically designed to reinforce and protect the edges and corners of boxes, pallets and other types of packaging.

These corner protectors function as a protective shield that prevents damage and shocks that could occur during handling and transportation of products. By placing the corner pieces on the edges of the packages, a barrier is created that absorbs and distributes the impact force, minimizing the risk of deformation, crushing or breakage of the goods.

Their versatile design allows them to adapt to different packaging sizes and shapes, and they can be found in various presentations, such as simple cardboard corner protectors, adhesive-reinforced corner protectors or corner protectors with inner padding to protect more delicate objects. In addition, they are environmentally friendly, since their material, cardboard, is recyclable and biodegradable.

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Benefits of cardboard corner protectors

Cardboard corner protectors offer a number of significant advantages that make them a preferred choice for packaging and transporting goods:


  • Replaces expensive packaging material: By using cardboard corner protectors instead of other more expensive materials, such as plastic or metal, considerable savings in packaging costs are achieved without compromising the protection and strength of the package.
  • Savings in materials and labor: Cardboard corner protectors are easy to produce and will require fewer resources compared to other more elaborate packaging materials. In addition, their versatile design and ease of assembly reduce the time and labor required to package the products.
  • Environmentally friendly: Cardboard is a biodegradable and recyclable material, which means that cardboard corner protectors have a lower environmental impact compared to non-biodegradable materials. Opting for this type of packaging helps reduce plastic waste generation and promotes sustainability.
  • Shipping without additional treatments: Unlike wood used in pallets, which requires special treatments such as fumigation to comply with import regulations in some countries, cardboard cornerboards can be shipped anywhere in the world without additional treatments, simplifying logistics and customs processes.
  • Optimization of transport space by stacking pallets: The cardboard corner pieces allow the corners and edges of pallets to be reinforced, which facilitates safe and stable stacking of loads, thus optimizing space inside containers and transport trucks. This translates into greater distribution efficiency and fewer trips to transport a given quantity of products.
  • Reinforces packaging and minimizes shipping damage: By using cardboard corner protectors, an additional layer of protection is added to packages and goods. These rigid and resistant corner pieces help absorb impacts and distribute the force, minimizing damage and ensuring that products reach their destination in optimal condition.

Sectors where cardboard corner protectors are used

  • Steel: In the steel industry, cardboard corner protectors are essential to protect steel sheets, tubes or profiles against knocks and scratches during movement and transport. In addition, they help maintain the structural integrity of these materials during handling.
  • AluminumThe aluminum sector uses cardboard corner protectors to protect and reinforce the corners and edges of aluminum profiles, sheets and parts, ensuring that they reach their destinations in optimum condition.
  • GlassIn the glass industry, cardboard corner protectors are essential to protect fragile glass panels during transportation and handling, minimizing the risk of breakage and damage.
  • BeveragesIn this sector, cardboard corner protectors are used to secure and protect cases of beverages such as bottles of wine, beer and soft drinks, ensuring that they arrive intact at points of sale and consumers.
  • Doors and windowsCardboard corner protectors are used to protect the corners and frames of doors and windows, preventing damage and scratches during transportation and storage.
  • ElectronicsIn the electronics industry, cardboard corner protectors protect electronic products, such as televisions, computers and household appliances, ensuring that they reach customers without damage.
  • PaperThe paper industry uses cardboard corner protectors to strengthen and protect the paper rolls, ensuring their integrity and facilitating their handling.
  • Consumer ProductsA wide range of consumer products, from toys to household goods, benefit from cardboard corner protectors to protect them during distribution and retailing.
  • Personal careFor personal care products, such as cosmetics or hygiene products, cardboard corner protectors are useful to avoid knocks or crushing that could damage the packaging.
  • Agri-food sectorIn this sector, cardboard corner protectors are used to protect and reinforce the packaging of agricultural products and foodstuffs, ensuring that they reach markets and supermarkets in optimal conditions.

Formats of cardboard corner protectors that we offer

  • Coils: Our cardboard edgeboards in reel format are presented as long, continuous rolls of cardboard edgeboards. These rolls are available in various widths and thicknesses to suit different packaging needs. The advantage of coils is that they allow for efficient use of material, as the corner pieces can be cut to the exact length required for each package or box. This avoids unnecessary waste and optimizes the packaging process in industrial and high-volume environments. In addition, the reels are ideal for those customers who require a significant quantity of cardboard corner pieces, as handling and storage of large rolls is facilitated.
  • Loose: We also offer cardboard corner pieces in loose format, which are individual pieces cut to specific sizes and lengths. These loose corner pieces are practical for users who need quick and easy packaging in smaller quantities. This format is especially useful for retail stores, small businesses or those who need occasional packaging. Ready for immediate use, the loose corner pieces are convenient and save time in the packaging process.

We also offer extensive product customization:

  • Wing size: Corner plates can be manufactured with a flange width ranging from 30 to 100 mm. This means that you can choose the width of the corner pieces according to the protection you need for the edges of your products.
  • Thickness: The thickness of the corner pieces can range from 2 to 8 mm. The choice of thickness will depend on the strength and protection required for your product. Thicker corner protectors offer greater protection.
  • Length: Cardboard corner pieces can be manufactured in lengths ranging from 50 mm to 7000 mm. This wide range of lengths makes it possible to adapt the corner pieces to different product or package sizes.
  • Personalized printing: One of the key benefits of cardboard corner protectors is that they can be printed with your logo, branding information or other custom graphics. This is useful to promote your brand or provide additional information about the product.

The surface of the corner piece can be of these colors:

  • Brown
  • Matte White
  • Glossy White/ Satin
  • Black

    Die-cut cardboard corner piece

Die-cut cardboard corner pieces

Die-cut cardboard corner protectors are an ingenious and versatile resource used in the field of packaging and product protection. These ingenious cardboard pieces are specially designed to safeguard the edges of cylindrical products and other irregular shapes, such as rollers, coils, round tables and various objects that do not conform to the standards of a square or rectangular box.

The main function of die-cut cardboard corner pieces is to provide efficient and reliable protection along the edges of the above-mentioned products. This protective role is essential to prevent damage during handling, transport and storage of these objects, which are often vulnerable to shocks, impacts and rubbing.

These corner protectors are made from high-strength cardboard, which allows them to withstand the stresses and strains to which they are subjected. Their design is usually cleverly die-cut to fit the dimensions and shape of the product they will protect, ensuring a precise and secure fit.

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