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Are you looking for an innovative and efficient solution to optimize your supply chain and reduce costs? Introducing Slipsheet, a revolutionary alternative to conventional plastic or wooden pallets. Our slip sheets are made from multiple layers of high quality kraft paper, offering a versatile and eco-friendly solution for your packaging and transportation needs.

Imagine saying goodbye to heavy, bulky and expensive pallets that take up valuable space in your warehouse and increase shipping costs. With Slipsheet, you can simplify your cargo handling process, reduce transportation costs and free up space to store more products.

Our slip sheets can transform your supply chain, optimizing efficiency and saving resources. Discover how Slipsheet has become the smart choice for companies looking for a modern and cost-effective solution for freight forwarding.

Slipsheet features

Slip Sheet is a highly versatile and advantageous load handling solution due to a number of notable features:

  • Lightweight: One of the outstanding features of Slipsheet is its light weight. Unlike wooden or plastic pallets, which are usually bulky and heavy, slip sheets are extremely lightweight. This facilitates handling and transport, while reducing the load on load handling equipment such as forklifts, which can extend their service life and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Hygienic: Slipsheet is a hygienic and clean option for transporting goods. Because it is made of kraft paper, it does not present the problems of contamination or pest proliferation that can be associated with wooden pallets. This is especially important in industries that require high standards of hygiene, such as food or pharmaceuticals.
  • No use of wood: A distinctive feature of Slipsheet is that it contains no wood in its composition. This makes it a sustainable and environmentally friendly option, as it does not contribute to the felling of trees or deforestation. At the same time, it avoids the problems associated with wooden pallets, such as wood recycling fees and phytosanitary requirements when exporting products internationally.
  • 100% Recyclable: Contributing to a greener approach, Slipsheet is 100% recyclable. Once it has served its purpose, it can be recycled without generating unnecessary waste. This aligns with growing environmental concerns and demonstrates a commitment to sustainable packaging and transportation practices.

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Benefits of Slipsheet

  • Cost Savings: Slipsheet is a cost-effective solution that significantly reduces costs in several key aspects of your supply chain. By eliminating the need for plastic or wooden pallets, costs for materials, transportation, labor, repairs, storage and disposal of these obsolete devices are reduced.
  • Environmental Sustainability: In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, the Slipsheet stands out as a nature-friendly option. As it is made of kraft paper, it is a sustainable alternative that does not involve cutting down trees, in addition to being 100% recyclable, thus contributing to the reduction of waste and the promotion of eco-friendly practices.
  • Handling Versatility: The Slipsheet is compatible with a wide range of load handling equipment and systems. Can be used with forklifts equipped with push-pull, Rollerforks and modern conveying systems. This ensures seamless integration into your existing logistics operations.
  • International Adaptability: If you handle shipments domestically and internationally, the Slipsheet is a smart choice. Its versatile design and ability to work with multiple cargo handling systems make it ideal for meeting the demands of your logistics operations anywhere in the world.
  • Strength and Durability: Despite its kraft paper construction, Slipsheet is surprisingly strong. It can support loads of up to 3,000 kilograms, making it a robust and reliable option for transporting a variety of products and goods of different sizes and weights.
  • Increased Loading Efficiency: One of the key advantages of the Slipsheet is its ability to maximize cargo space in containers and trucks. Being thinner and lighter than conventional pallets, it allows a greater amount of product to be transported in each container. This translates into optimized load capacity and, ultimately, additional savings in transportation costs.
  • No Export Restrictions: When you are looking to expand your operations internationally, the Slipsheet is the perfect choice. Not only is it lighter and more efficient in terms of cargo space, but it is also highly exportable to any country in the world. As they do not contain wood, you do not have to worry about paying wood recycling fees and do not need a phytosanitary certificate, which significantly simplifies the export process and reduces bureaucratic procedures.

How do I use Slipsheet?

The use of the Slip Sheet is an efficient and simple solution that optimizes your cargo handling and transportation operations. Here is how to use it:

  1. Placement between the goods and the pallet: The process begins by placing the Slipsheet between the goods to be transported and the conventional wooden or plastic pallet that would normally be used for packaging and transport.
  2. Loading into the container: When it is time to load the goods into a container, instead of loading them together with the pallet, the Slipsheet is used. This simple action saves both the cost of the pallet and the space it would take up in the container. In addition, being thinner than a traditional pallet, it allows maximum use of the available space in the container, which translates into more efficient and economical loading.
  3. Simple coupling installation: To use a Slipsheet, only a clamp-shaped coupling is needed, which can be installed and removed from any forklift quickly and easily. This coupling facilitates the handling of the Slipsheet and ensures a smooth transition in your logistics operations.

Rapid Amortization of the Coupling Cost: It is important to note that the acquisition cost of the coupling required to use the Slipsheet is quickly amortized. In only 25 containers of use, you will have recovered your initial investment. This means that, in the long run, using the Slipsheet not only optimizes your operations, but also generates significant savings in your freight handling costs.


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