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Crepe Paper

In the dynamic world of packaging, where protection, presentation and functionality are essential. Crepe Paper is designed to meet the most demanding challenges in the packaging industry. It is much more than a simple wrapping material, it is a versatile and efficient solution that adapts to a wide range of applications and requirements.


Crepe Paper

Crepe paper stands out for its unique nature and exceptional properties. Manufactured by a special process involving the creping of the paper, a slightly wrinkled surface is achieved, which triggers a number of significant advantages. This distinctive texture not only confers additional strength to the paper, but also increases its stretchability without compromising its integrity. As a result, Crepe Paper becomes a valuable resource for wrapping objects of different shapes and sizes securely and tightly.

One of the most notable characteristics of Crepe Paper is its adaptability. From fragile items to irregularly-shaped products, this paper molds easily, ensuring that each item is carefully protected during transport and storage. In addition to its ability to conform to various surfaces, Crepe Paper also has excellent absorbency, making it a smart choice for products susceptible to moisture.

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Crepe Paper Characteristics

A fundamental characteristic that distinguishes Crepe Paper is its special manufacturing process, which involves accordion-shaped corrugations. This unique structure gives the paper elasticity and flexibility, resulting in a cushioning effect on the packaging. When wrapped around irregularly shaped objects, the paper smoothly conforms to the contours, wrapping around every curve and angle. This ability to conform to the shape of the object ensures a secure fit and protection during transportation and storage.

The inherent flexibility of Crepe Paper is another of its outstanding features. Thanks to its intelligent design, it can adapt to a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from curvilinear objects to sharp corners. This eliminates the need to trim and adjust the paper, which saves time and ensures a more efficient packaging process. In addition, its flexibility also makes it ideal for wrapping fragile products, as it can gently embrace them without exerting excessive pressure.

In terms of presentation benefits, Crepe Paper adds a touch of professionalism and attractive aesthetics. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, it not only fulfills its protective function, but also enhances product presentation. From delicate items to electronic components and uniquely shaped objects, Crepe Paper elevates the customer experience of receiving a well-packaged and visually pleasing package.

Available formats of Crepe Paper

In our continuing quest to provide packaging solutions to suit a wide range of requirements and challenges, we introduce a variety of Crepe Paper formats that expand the capabilities of this innovative solution.

  1. Crepe Paper with Polyethylene Outer Layer: To address moisture concerns and additional protection, we offer Crepe Paper with a polyethylene outer layer. This added feature forms an effective barrier against moisture penetration into the packaged material. Whether you are packaging moisture-sensitive products or working in environments where wet conditions are a problem, this Crepe Paper variant guarantees solid protection against the elements.
  2. Different Weights, Elongations and Widths: Recognizing that packaging needs vary widely by industry and product, we offer Crepe Paper in a variety of weight, elongation and width options. This diversity allows you to adapt the material to your specific requirements. From lighter items to heavy and bulky products, you can choose the Crepe Paper variant that best suits your protection and wrapping needs.
  3. Crepe Paper with Mesh Reinforcement: When additional strength is essential, we introduce Crepe Paper with mesh reinforcement. This option provides an additional layer of strength and durability, which is especially beneficial for objects that require superior protection and greater resistance to handling. The mesh reinforcement ensures that the Crepe Paper maintains its structural integrity even in demanding situations.

In case this solution does not perfectly fit the needs of your products or services you can always contact us directly and we will be happy to find the best alternative for you.


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