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In the dynamic world of packaging, where safety, efficiency and sustainability are essential, we introduce our innovative line of raffia products that will revolutionize the way packaging challenges are addressed in various industry sectors. In an environment where product protection during transportation and storage is crucial, our raffia offers a versatile and reliable solution that meets the highest quality standards.

Why use Raffia for the transport of your goods?

Raffia, a material traditionally valued for its strength and durability, has evolved over time. Our state-of-the-art raffia combines the inherent strength of this material with innovative manufacturing technologies, resulting in a product that exceeds expectations in terms of performance and functionality. Designed with efficiency, safety and environmental impact in mind, our raffia becomes a smart choice for a variety of packaging needs.

What distinguishes our raffia is its adaptability to a wide range of packaging applications. Whether you are looking to secure fresh produce, protect goods during shipping or store heavy industrial materials, our raffia offers a reliable and customizable solution. Their resistance to stress and abrasion ensures that products remain safe at all stages of the supply chain process.

In addition to its exceptional performance, our raffia is aligned with the sustainability goals of the modern packaging industry. Recognizing the importance of reducing environmental impact, we have developed a manufacturing process that minimizes the use of natural resources and waste generation. This not only benefits our customers by providing them with a greener option, but also contributes to the sustainable image and reputation of their brands.


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Characteristics of Raffia

Our braided polypropylene raffia is an exceptionally robust and versatile packaging solution designed to meet the rigors of the most demanding industrial environments. Its high-strength braided polypropylene fabric is the result of a unique combination of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technologies. Some of its key features are highlighted below:


  1. Exceptional Strength: The braided polypropylene fabric is distinguished by its outstanding tensile strength and abrasion resistance. This fundamental characteristic ensures that the raffia maintains its integrity and reliably protects the products throughout the entire transport and storage cycle. Whether it’s heavy materials in the automotive sector or metal products in the metalworking industry, our raffia provides a reliable barrier against damage and deterioration.
  2. Application Versatility: Versatility is a key feature of our braided polypropylene raffia. Its ability to adapt to a variety of products and packaging shapes makes it a preferred choice in a variety of industrial sectors, including steel, metallurgical, automotive and more. From automotive components to fabricated metal products, our raffia adapts seamlessly to a wide range of shapes and sizes.
  3. Long-Term Protection: With durable strength and an inherent ability to withstand extreme conditions, our raffia provides long-term protection. Its resistance to weathering and corrosive agents common in industrial environments ensures that products are in optimum condition until their final destination. This is essential to maintain product integrity and customer satisfaction.
  4. Supporting Sustainability: As environmental awareness grows in the industry, our braided polypropylene raffia stands out for its contribution to sustainability. Polypropylene is a recyclable material, which means that our customers can participate in more environmentally friendly packaging practices. In addition, the durability of raffia minimizes the need for frequent replacements, further reducing environmental impact.

Available raffia sizes

Our line of braided polypropylene raffia not only stands out for its strength and versatility, but also for the variety of formats in which it is marketed. We understand that packaging needs can be diverse and specific to each industry sector. Therefore, we offer flexible options to suit the unique requirements of our customers. The following are the different formats available:


  1. Reels for Easy Handling: Our raffia is supplied in practical reels that simplify handling and application. The reels not only ensure an orderly distribution of the material, but also allow a smooth unfolding during the packaging process. This efficient presentation optimizes time and efficiency on the packaging line.
  2. Different widths and weights for customization: We recognize the importance of customization in industrial packaging. Therefore, we offer raffia in a variety of widths and weights to meet the specific needs of each product and application. From smaller products to bulky loads, our customers can choose the right dimensions for a perfect fit.
  3. Polyethylene Laminated Coating for Waterproofing: For those products that require additional protection against moisture and the elements, we offer the option of supplying our raffia with a polyethylene laminated coating. This layer confers impermeability to the material, effectively protecting the products from moisture and preventing water-related damage. This feature is particularly valuable for products that must be kept dry and in optimal conditions.
  4. VCI Treatment for Corrosion Protection: We understand the challenges that corrosion can pose in sectors such as steel and metallurgy. Therefore, we offer the option of supplying our raffia with a VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) treatment. This treatment provides additional protection against corrosion, forming an invisible protective layer that prevents oxidation and ensures the integrity of metal products during transportation and storage.


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