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Advantages of plastic packaging

November 10, 2022


Over the last few years, a campaign has been launched against plastic as if it were one of the worst compounds on the face of the earth, when the truth is that the advantages of plastic packaging are enormous. In fact, the problem is not the material itself, since what happens is that it is not recycled enough, something that would save a great deal of energy, and would also avoid seeing plastic waste thrown away and wasted.

Make food safe

Thanks to plastics, many diseases that spread through food are avoided, as they create a barrier that is impossible for pests and microorganisms to cross, which would colonize the products we eat if it were not for plastics.

In addition, in many cases they are transparent, so the consumer can see what he is going to eat and touch it without danger, since if he has any type of pathogen on his hands it will not end up on the product.

This is where packaging is most criticized, as it is sometimes said to be overused, so that we now have bioplastics, derived from organic and degradable products, on the market.

Prevents food waste

Producing food costs a lot of resources, such as water, so food cannot be wasted, and this is helped by plastic packaging.

In the case of grains, such as rice, they prevent them from being affected by pests, and if we are talking about meat, they make a cutlet last about ten days longer.

This can be checked in a very simple way, by buying a steak at the butcher’s and another packed in a tray. The one from the butcher’s will spoil in a couple of days, while the one that comes in plastic will last more than a week.

They are very light packages

In the world of transport, weight is very important and thanks to plastics it is possible to make both containers and packaging very light.

Such a low weight makes transport less polluting, since it is possible to transport more products in the same load, emitting less CO₂ and using less fuel.

Can be sterilized

Plastics are not only used in food packaging, but are also present in other sectors that we can qualify as “delicate”, because they significantly affect our health.

We are talking about pharmaceutical or medical products, where we find PETG, a type of plastic that can be sterilized and washed, removing all the dirt that accumulates in the storage process.

Insulates items from humidity

Humidity is not good for food or any other product, since in the case of metallic products it oxidizes them, and if we are talking about electronics, high humidity causes the components to stop working in a short time.

In this way, the plastic prevents moisture from coming into contact with the goodsThis is very useful, since in transport they can be in the rain when being loaded or unloaded, and even remain in very humid places such as ships or harbors when moving from one place to another. There is no better material for this, nor is it more economical, saving companies a lot of financial damage due to water.

Plastic has a wide cycle of use

This material is often thought of as a disposable material, but this is not true. For example, when we buy a dish that is precooked, we heat it there and eat it in the container, which is often left in the kitchen to be used as a container.

Something similar happens with medicine containers, in which the plastic that covers them remains with us for weeks, as it is also used for dosing medicines.

Advantages of plastic packaging


It is sometimes forgotten, but another advantage of plastic packaging is that it can be recycled almost infinitely if we take it to the appropriate container or, in the case of companies, it is collected by an authorized waste manager.

With this the contamination ends, since when we finish with a container it can be taken to a plant where it will be recycled to create with it another container or anything made with that plastic that is no longer useful to us.

In fact, it is not a polluting material and the problem comes from the lack of awareness when it comes to taking it to a recycling point.

It has a high resistance

Unlike other materials, plastic is extremely resistant, as it does not break under impact and is very flexible, which makes it ideal for shipping, as it protects the goods like no other material.

In addition, there are many types of plastics, so they can be combined or chosen according to their rigidity, resistance to breakage, etc., so it is possible to say that there is a packaging of this material for each type of merchandise.


The advantages of plastic packaging are more than obvious, but if you have any doubts about them, contact with Embalajes Selecciónwhere we will assist you as soon as possible and explain what you need to know, such as the use of bioplastic that is now so fashionable for its properties.

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