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Lashing systems

March 2, 2022


The transport of goods is a delicate operation, since they can move if they are not properly secured, and this is where lashing comes in , which is the name given to the securing and immobilization of packages in any type of transport. There are several lashing systems and they are as varied as the loads that can be transported, so there are some standard ones, such as the industrial lashing straps that we see on trucks holding the objects they are transporting, but there are also other systems that are tailored to the loads.

What types of lashing systems are there?

We have various types of fasteners that are used throughout the world both to protect goods from damage in transit and to improve safety in traffic, flight or shipping.

We must not forget that a moving load can cause an accident, which, although more frequent in road transport, also occurs on ships and airplanes.

Polyester woven tapes

Of all the lashing systems that exist, this is the best known, as we have seen it when we drive on the road and a truck is carrying a load on an open platform.

It is also possible that we ourselves have used one of these straps when we have carried a heavy load in a van, such as a household appliance.

These are very resistant straps, with different thicknesses and with a tensioner that is manually operated by means of a kind of ratchet, something that allows us to hold the loads with great tension without having to exert much force.


These straps are usually made of a plastic material (although there are also metallic ones) and are used to fasten the loads together, since although they can be used to tie the packages to the structures of the trailers, the truth is that they can also be used to tie them to the trailer. are almost always used as reinforcements for palletized goods.s.

With them, boxes, tubes, packages, etc., that are on top of the pallets do not fall or move.


Here we enter into the fastenings that serve more with the purpose of protecting the load itself than with the idea of avoiding accidents when moving.

When transporting fragile objects, such as a load of glasses or plates, the gaps between the boxes and the container are a danger, since a simple bump can cause a large part of the goods to arrive broken.

In these cases, air-filled plastic bags are placed to plug these gaps, so that if the boxes move they hit an air-filled airbag.

They can be purchased in various sizes, even more than one meter high, and are almost always placed in the containers that go on the ships, since the ship’s skipper can do little if there is rough sea and the ship does not stop moving.

Corner protectors

There are goods whose weak point are the corners. For example, a load of racks can withstand shocks without being damaged, but if that shock occurs in a corner that part arrives broken.

To avoid this, corner protectors are used, which can be placed only at the corners or around the entire perimeter of the load, so that nothing happens if the packages collide with each other or with the sides of a container.


One of the most preferred lashing systems worldwide is the pallet. In fact, in Europe there is the europallet, a standard size pallet to which the widths of trucks and all types of loading machines are adapted.

They are used to stabilize the packages, preventing them from moving around the container or space in which they are placed.

In addition, there are systems that can be combined with pallets to make the load even more stable, such as the strapping or webbing that we have already seen.

Lashing systems

Stretch film

This is another lashing system that is always used in combination with the pallet and ensures that the load does not move unless the pallet tips over if it is used properly.

There are already machines to apply it automatically and also rolls for manual use, with which an operator can fix loads in less than a minute, protecting them from humidity and scratches.

When it is applied from the lower part of the pallet, taking the pallet blocks, and stretched tightly, it creates a kind of block that does not move in any way.

Adhesive foam plugs

Of different sizes and thicknesses, it is possible to use them inside the boxes so that the load does not collide with each other and also on the outside so that the boxes do not hit each other and break what is inside.

They are not the fastest solution, as they are laborious to place, but they are one of the best when working with fragile goods.

Customized solutions

Sometimes it is necessary to resort to customized lashing systems, something that is done with very specific loads.

They are almost always used in three cases, such as large loads, very fragile loads or when very dangerous chemicals are involved.


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