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Packaging trends

August 18, 2022


Packaging trends change over time. Not only are new, more sustainable and efficient materials being used, but more and more attention is also being paid to design. Thus, packaging is renewed periodically, giving a new look to the market.

Top packaging trends in 2022

Eco-friendly packaging

Sustainability is an issue of great concern to consumers and, therefore, they feel more identified with those brands that include environmental care among their values.

Of the many ways a company can protect the environment, sustainable packaging is one of the most popular. In fact, there is a clear focus on designing and using packaging that is as sustainable as possible.

The trend is to reduce the materials needed to produce each package and, if possible, to use recycled raw materials. It is also desirable that the packaging itself be recyclable.

Our products have already adapted to this trend. In the case of cardboard packaging, it is fully recyclable.

Packaging reusable

Also in the interests of sustainability, the aim is to ensure that containers and packaging can have a life beyond their primary function. And for some time now, reusable packaging has been developing.

Many examples of this can be found in the market. For example, paper bags that can be converted into a hanger for hanging clothes, or wooden boxes whose final destination can be flower pots, boxes for storing children’s toys, etc.

trends in packagingSmart packaging

Packaging is also becoming smart, and it is increasingly common for it to integrate some kind of technology to ensure that the product is well preserved, which is especially useful when it comes to food or medicines.

Packaging capable of measuring factors such as humidity or temperature is already available on the market. This allows the receiver of the merchandise to know if it is in optimal conditions.

Another alternative is to include QR codes on the packaging that expand the information about the goods inside. Something that can be very useful in the field of food.

New materials

The European Union’s 2030 sustainability goals include the promotion of the circular economy. Among the measures to be adopted by States is a ban on the manufacture of certain single-use materials. As a result, industry specialists are already working on the design of new materials.

Eco-design focuses on finding materials that generate much less waste, both when they are produced and when it comes time to dispose of them.

Packaging as a way of marketing

Increasingly, product packaging is part of the brand image. They are personalized as much as possible, so that they contribute to the customer forming a certain opinion about the company.

Within the packaging used as a marketing mechanism, we can also find different trends.


The designs that adorn the packaging do not have to be exaggerated, quite the contrary. Brands decorate their packaging in a minimalist way, something that is also very useful for achieving the sustainability we talked about earlier.

Back to vintage

Nostalgia is in fashion, especially among millennials, which is why many brands have decided to go for a more vintage image. In the case of packaging, their design, and even the materials used, can make them look as if they were taken from a few decades ago.

Packaging flexible

Another trend that cannot be overlooked is the creation of increasingly flexible packaging, capable of adapting to different situations. This not only benefits the end consumer, but also helps throughout the supply chain. Because it facilitates operations such as transport and storage.

Personalization, one of the most widespread packaging trends

The customization or adaptation of packaging to each product is a phenomenon that has been occurring for some years now, and is currently booming. The key is to use packaging that adapts to each product format.

It makes no sense to put a very small item in a very large box and then fill the excess space with some material to prevent the product from being able to move, as this is a huge waste of resources. Instead, companies are starting to use a wider variety of packaging, applying the most suitable for each of their products.

Packaging for unboxing

Unboxing has become very popular thanks to social networks, and companies have realized how important it is for the end customer to open the package that has arrived in their hands.

Far from quickly discarding packaging to access content, the truth is that social networks have shown us that customers take everything into account. That is why it is important that the packaging is cared for down to the last detail and arrives in the best possible condition. In addition, care must also be taken with the interior, the way in which the merchandise is distributed, and the way in which the invoice, or even a discount, is sent to the customer.

Packaging is a protective element of the merchandise, but it is also much more, because it directly influences the customer experience and how the customer perceives the brand. That is why it has become essential for companies to be aware of packaging trends. Do you want to take your business a step further in this area? Contact Embalajes Selección.


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