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Importance of packaging in logistics

August 18, 2022


Goods travel a long way until they reach the final consumer, and this is what explains the true importance of packaging in logistics, because it is the guarantee of product integrity. For decades, companies have therefore been investing in the development of new packaging systems that are increasingly effective as well as sustainable.

Why is packaging so important?

The main purpose of packaging is to be able to condition the goods to protect them during the logistics and storage processes, so that they reach the final consumer in good condition.

Given that each merchandise is different, and that logistics processes can be long and complex, packaging becomes a fundamental element when it comes to facilitating the movement of products and ensuring that they do not suffer any damage.

Ensures safe transport

The packaging contains information on how the goods should be handled. There are a series of pictograms that provide important information on how the package should be handled (keep away from moisture, do not stack, heat sensitive material, etc.) without the need for the handler to be aware of what is inside.

In addition, the product is well secured inside the packaging. For this purpose, the proportion between the size of the item and the size of its packaging is as close as possible, thus preventing the goods from moving and being damaged.

Thanks to all this, the logistics process can be carried out with greater safety for the goods, reducing the chances of damage to a minimum.

Facilitates handling of goods

Throughout the product’s journey to its final destination, it may have to pass through several hands. It may have to be stored several times, take several truck routes, or even undergo some modifications.

The packaging used influences this whole handling process and can make it easier. For example, by having an opening and closing system that allows logistics personnel to open the container without having to use tools.

Packaging that makes handling difficult wastes a lot of time, and in logistics, time is money.

Importance of packaging in logistics

Conveys the brand image

The packaging is the first thing the customer will see when he receives the goods, and just by taking a look at it he will get an idea about the company that sold him the product.

If the packaging arrives damaged or neglected, the consumer will immediately associate this with the brand, understanding that the brand does not care about its products or how they reach its customers.

On the contrary, if the packaging of the product has been taken care of to the maximum, the customer will develop a vision of the brand that will classify it as quality and that pays a lot of attention to detail.

The importance of export packaging

The packaging requirements for export are somewhat different from those applicable when the goods are to be moved within the same country. Because, in this case, the journey will be much longer and the products will pass through more hands.

It is especially important to choose the right packaging, regardless of the material chosen, the important thing is that the product can be well placed and distributed inside the package.

On the other hand, the choice of material is also crucial, because it must be one that ensures that the goods will arrive at their destination in good condition, without being damaged or contaminated.

As mentioned above, during the logistics process, the packaging may have to be opened. In the case of exports, this is almost 100% certain, because the goods will be inspected at some point. Hence the need to choose packaging models that can be easily opened by customs personnel.

Legislation is not the same everywhere. Before exporting, it is important to be well informed about the legislation on international trade and packaging in the different countries through which the goods will pass. This is the best way to ensure that no problems will arise along the way.

How can product packaging be improved to improve logistics?

Choosing the right material

Select one that is strong enough to hold all the products you want to put in it. One of the key points of the importance of packaging in logistics.

It is interesting to know as much as possible about the supply chain to see what environmental or mechanical factors could affect the goods, as this will help to choose the most suitable material for adequate protection.

Space optimization

Under-utilized gaps in logistics cause a great cost, so it is necessary to use the most compact packaging possible and fit the goods inside them very well. Doing so can result in significant savings.

Pay attention to the dimensions of the packaging

Carriers often calculate the cost of service based on package dimensions rather than weight. If the goods are packaged efficiently, the packages will be smaller, making the process more cost-effective for all involved.

Packaging design

In no case should we lose sight of aesthetics. As we said before, packaging influences the brand image perceived by the customer, so you should choose a design that fits as closely as possible to the values you want to convey.

The importance of packaging in logistics is such that it affects factors as diverse as the integrity of the merchandise, the image of the brand, and even the cost of the service, which is why it is essential to choose the right packaging. packaging. Need help with this question? Contact us.


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