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Advantages of raffia

July 26, 2022


Raffia is a natural fiber, widely used in many sectors due to its enormous versatility. It is even ideal for handicraft creations or do-it-yourself items due to its characteristics. This material, which comes from raffia palms in tropical regions, is used for various applications. In this post, we offer you all the details about the advantages of raffia and its different uses.

What is raffia?

The origin of raffia goes back to a palm tree native to Madagascar, known as Raphia farinifera. However, they also come from other tropical regions. The leaves are harvested before the end of their growth, as a general rule, they measure about two meters at the most. This plant must be dried in the sun before cutting, then bundled and tied.

Initially, collectors must peel the freshly cut leaves, which are pale green in color, and then allow them to dry in the sun. These fibers change color and become beige. Actually, it will be in the warehouses where the sorting process begins to separate and select the best leaves. Depending on the quality of each one, raffia skeins, braids, bags, etc. will be made. This work is done by hand and is characterized by the utmost respect for the environment.

Raffia is made from virgin polypropylene, which is why it is so strong. In addition, one of its great benefits is that it is quite economical when compared to other current alternatives. This allows many companies to opt for this approach for some of their processes.

Today, there are several materials that play a fundamental role in the industrial sector. However, raffia fabric is one of the most widely used for making sacks and bags, especially for storing chemicals and agricultural seeds.

Although it is true that raffia bags are very popular, due to their use in DIY stores, nurseries or other types of businesses. As a fairly flexible and resistant fiber, it is also used in industrial packaging, particularly in the steel, metallurgy and automotive sectors.

advantages of raffia

What are the advantages of raffia?

Raffia, also known as PP Woven, is increasingly used in reusable bags because of its durability. In addition, there are two types of proposals to choose from: natural and synthetic.

The first has to do with its origin, the palm tree, however, synthetic raffia is a real revolution due to its fantastic properties. Taking into account how it is extracted and its main characteristics, we list below some of the benefits of industrial raffia:

  • Durability. As the leaves are thick and resistant, this gives them a longer useful life.
  • Chemical resistance. This material is very resistant, since it can work at high temperatures.
  • Lightweight. Raffia is one of the lightest and least dense plastics available on the market.
  • Versatility. Undoubtedly, this alternative represents a very safe packaging for transporting and storing a large number of products.
  • Reusable. This material is sustainable and can be reused, which means real savings. There is even packaging that includes a carbon footprint seal.
  • Low humidity. Another of its properties is its low moisture absorption, which keeps the stored products completely dry.
  • Costs. The price of raffia is very affordable, in fact, large rolls can be purchased very cheaply for use in agriculture.
  • Customization. Another advantage of this material is the possibility of a personalized and exclusive design.

Industrial raffia uses and applications

The properties of polypropylene are undoubtedly very good, which is why it is used in packaging and distribution processes. These are some of the most common uses of this material in the industrial sector, which also speak to the advantages of raffia.

Raffia fabrics

The use of raffia fabric in the agricultural sector is the most frequent due to its excellent temperature control properties. In addition, it is an excellent alternative to protect crops from the sun, since its density allows shade regulation.

Big bags

The enormous strength of raffia also makes it possible to make giant sacks for transporting large quantities. Industrial supersacks, which can support up to 2000 kilograms, are well known. However, the choice will depend on the storage, distribution and transportation needs of each business.

Mooring ropes

In conclusion, it should be noted that these fastening cords are very useful in a large number of industries. They are available in different gauges, however, the larger the gauge, the greater the resistance, but the performance will be much lower.

In short, industrial raffia is of great help in different industries and sectors. As we have observed, this raw material is one of the most versatile economic solutions in modern industry. However, in recent times, we can see how innovation is favoring other uses and very attractive proposals.

In short, the advantages of raffia are innumerable, as we have seen in this article. It is one of the most resistant materials available for industrial storage and distribution. However, if you have any doubts, please contact us for further advice and information about the different options. In Embalajes Selección, a company with over 30 years of experience, we always find the right solution for each client.

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