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Water-based glue

Our “Water-Based Glue” is a non-slip liquid that makes all the difference. It is designed to keep your pallets stable during the palletizing process, meaning your goods will be safe and secure at all times.

One of the standout features of our tail is its water-based base. This means that it does not contain harmful solvents, making it environmentally friendly and safe for use in any environment. In addition, its soluble nature makes it easy to apply and prevents the accumulation of residues in your products.

Some of the key benefits of our “Water-Based Glue” include:

  • Pallet maintenance during palletizing: Prevent goods from slipping on pallets, reducing the risk of damage and increasing efficiency in the loading process.
  • Safe Transportation: Your goods will travel safely during the journey, without sudden movements or slips that could cause problems or losses.
  • Easy depalletizing: Our glue allows depalletization without breakage or annoying residues. This means that your products will arrive at their destination in perfect condition and ready for distribution.

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Features of Water-Based Glue

Our “Water-Based Glue” is an exceptional solution for a wide variety of logistics applications. One of its outstanding features is its versatility in terms of surfaces and materials on which it can be applied. It can be used in all types of containers and packaging, from paper sacks to PE and PP sacks, cardboard boxes, cellophane, raffia, and many others.

The versatility of our “Water-Based Glue” makes it ideal to suit your company’s needs, regardless of the type of product or packaging you use. This means you can count on a reliable and effective solution no matter what your production line is.

In addition to its ability to keep the load stable during transport and palletizing, our glue also stands out for its ease of use. It allows the cargo to be separated easily and without breakage, which greatly simplifies the unloading and distribution process. Not only does this save time, but it also reduces the costs associated with damage to merchandise.

Let’s talk about an important aspect: economic savings. Our “Water-Based Glue” offers significant savings compared to other goods securing and stabilisation systems. This translates into greater efficiency in your logistics operations and an improvement in your profitability in the long term.

In addition to its efficiency and economy, our glue is an eco-friendly product. It contains no toxic substances, and even better, it leaves no harmful residue on your products or in the environment. Not only does this demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, but it can also improve your brand’s perception in the marketplace.

Application of Water-Based Glue

The application of our “Water-Based Glue” is extremely simple and versatile, thanks to our innovative quick connector system. This system has been designed to adapt to the needs of your company and facilitate the application process, either manually or through our automatic application machines.

Manual Application:

  1. Preparation: Start by making sure that the surface where the glue will be applied is clean and dry. This ensures optimal adhesion.
  2. Quick Connector: Our quick connector system is an effective tool for manual application. Simply attach the applicator to the container or pallet you want to stabilize.
  3. Application: With the applicator attached, apply the “Water-Based Glue” evenly over the desired surface. The water-based formula spreads easily and adheres efficiently.
  4. Wait: Depending on the environmental conditions, the glue will dry quickly, providing a secure and effective hold.
  5. Result: Once dry, the glue allows a firm and reliable hold of your loads, preventing slippage during transport or handling of pallets.

Automatic Application:

If you are looking for greater efficiency in your operations, our “Water-Based Glue” is also compatible with self-applying machines.

  1. Setup: Prepares the self-applying machine and sets the speed and amount of glue needed based on your specific requirements.
  2. Power: Feed the “Water-Based Glue” into the machine’s system, ensuring it is properly fed and ready for application.
  3. Operation: Start the machine and let it apply accurately and evenly to your containers or pallets.
  4. Supervision: Make sure the machine is working properly and monitor the process to ensure quality and efficiency.
  5. Result: The automatic application of our glue ensures reliable and uniform clamping on all your goods, which translates into greater efficiency and safety in your logistics chain.

Eco-friendly and waste-free system

Are you looking for an effective and environmentally friendly solution to stabilize your goods? Our innovative product, water-based glue, is the answer you need! Specifically designed to ensure the stability of your load, this glue offers a number of advantages that not only benefit your business, but also protect the environment from mountains of plastic waste, such as stretch film, stretch hood, anti-slip sheets, and more. In addition, it is suitable for food contact, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Eco-Friendly & Waste-Free System: Unlike other load stabilization methods that use plastic products or non-biodegradable materials, our water-based glue is environmentally friendly. It dries quickly without leaving any residue, which means it doesn’t contribute to the accumulation of plastic waste that is harmful to the planet.

Environmental Protection: By choosing our water-based glue, you are actively contributing to the preservation of the environment. With the growing concern about plastic pollution, it is essential to take responsible action and adopt sustainable solutions. Our glue is formulated to meet the highest standards of sustainability.

In case this solution does not perfectly fit the needs of your products or services you can always contact us directly and we will be happy to find the best alternative for you.


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