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Technical Foams

We are leaders in the design and transformation of a wide range of technical foams to meet the demanding needs of the industry. Our products are renowned for their exceptional quality and versatility.

One of the main attributes of our technical foams is their ability to optimize packaging performance. Thanks to their composition of lightweight and resistant materials, these foams allow significant weight savings compared to conventional solid plastics. This not only translates into more efficient packaging, but also a reduction in transport costs, contributing to more sustainable and cost-effective logistics.

In addition to their weight advantage, our technical foams offer a high level of protection. They are designed to absorb and dissipate shock, providing a reliable defense against vibration and shock during transport. This level of security ensures the integrity of your products, even in the most challenging logistics environments.

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Characteristics of Technical Foams

  • Lightweight and strong materials that save weight compared to solid plastics: Our technical foams are designed with lightweight yet highly resistant materials, resulting in significant weight savings compared to solid plastics. This is essential for packaging efficiency and reduced transportation costs.
  • High capacity for thermal, acoustic and vibration absorption insulation: Our technical foams offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation capacity. This means that they protect your products against temperature changes and reduce the spread of unwanted noise. In addition, they absorb vibrations, providing additional protection against impacts during transport.
  • Materials suitable for air and water sealing and sealing applications: Our technical foams are suitable for sealing applications, ensuring that your products are protected from moisture, dust and other external elements. This is essential to maintain the integrity of products during storage and transportation.
  • Soft touch on door panels, armrests by means of substrate laminations and fabrics on foam: We offer solutions that provide a soft and comfortable feel in applications such as door panels and armrests, using laminations of substrates and fabrics over our technical foams.
  • Logistics: Foam inserts for returnable containers: Our technical foams are used to create custom inserts that fit perfectly into returnable containers, ensuring optimal protection and efficient logistics.
  • Water-repellent materials with a very low coefficient of thermal conductivity: We use water-repellent materials that repel water and have a very low coefficient of thermal conductivity, which contributes to the protection of moisture-sensitive products and the preservation of the right temperature.
  • Insulation for high temperatures (up to 1000 ºC): We offer high thermal resistance technical foams that can withstand extremely high temperatures, up to 1000 degrees Celsius, which is essential in high-temperature industrial applications.
  • Complete cycle that covers from the selection of materials, design, cutting and supply of parts in the form of kits: We offer a comprehensive service that includes material selection, custom design, precise cutting and supply of parts in the form of ready-to-use kits.
  • They comply with UL94, FDA, European Food Contact Regulations, etc.: Our technical foams comply with rigorous regulations and quality standards, such as UL94, FDA and the European “Food Contact” regulations, ensuring safety and compliance in various industrial and food applications.

Applications of Technical Foams

These technical foams are highly effective in a wide variety of industrial and packaging applications. Here’s a list of some of the apps where they’re particularly effective:

  • Lined and inserts in returnable containers: Ideal for protecting and securing products during transport and storage in returnable containers.
  • Zetaprotec finish based on polyurea spraying: It provides an extra layer of protection and durability to the foam parts.
  • Different densities to accommodate parts of all weights and dimensions: They fit a wide range of products, from small, lightweight parts to larger, heavier objects.
  • “Soft” foams that prevent friction or marks on the contained parts: Perfect for protecting products sensitive to scratches or marks.
  • Adaptation to the life cycle required by the customer: They can be customized to meet specific requirements for durability and use.
  • Zipper, cradle and comb inserts: They offer versatile solutions that fit different types of parts, such as dashboards, wheel arches, glass, etc.
  • PE foam or EPDM rubber weather stripping: They protect containers and ensure a tight seal.
  • Pallet bases, containers, etc., in foam: They provide a secure and protective base for products in storage and transport.
  • Foams with electrostatic behavior independent of ambient humidity: They are ideal for applications where static electricity control is required.
  • High-purity, halogen- and VOC-free materials: They comply with safety and environmental standards.
  • Foams according to European Regulation EU 10/2011 and American FDA Regulation: Suitable for food contact and medical product applications.
  • Isothermal solutions of any size and format: They are used in insulated packaging for food, fresh produce, vaccines, medicines, etc.
  • Technical Advice: Our team offers expert advice to design specific solutions according to the client’s needs.
  • Food packaging: They are used in a variety of food packaging applications, such as substrates and separator parts.

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