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Stretch Film

In a world where logistics and product storage are crucial elements for the success of any business, efficient packaging solutions have become an imperative. Among these solutions, stretch film stands out as a versatile and fundamental tool in the logistics and freight forwarding industry. This product, often referred to as stretch film, wrap film or simply stretch film, has revolutionized the way products are packaged and protected around the world.

Stretch film is a thin, highly flexible film used to wrap and secure packages, boxes, pallets and other objects. Its ability to stretch up to 300% of its original length, without losing strength, makes it an unrivaled choice when it comes to ensuring the stability of goods during transport and storage. This unique feature allows the film to fit tightly around objects, creating a secure barrier that protects against dust, moisture, dirt and physical damage.

One of the most outstanding advantages of stretch film is its ease of use. Its application does not require special tools or advanced technical skills. Simply unroll the film from its roll and wrap it around the objects to be protected. In addition, the stretch film is highly transparent, allowing easy identification of the products without the need to remove it.

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Stretch Film Formats

We have a wide range of Stretch Film solutions in order to adapt to any type of need our customers may have. In case you do not find the exact product you are looking for in the following sections, you can contact us directly and an expert will solve all your doubts, we can even manufacture a special type of film to offer a specific support to your business.

Manual Stretch Film

Available in a wide range of customizable options, it offers a number of outstanding features that make it a versatile and efficient solution for product packaging and protection:

  • Variety of Colors: Manual stretch film is available in a range of colors including green, blue, black, clear and white. This allows for quick and organized product identification, as well as options to match brand aesthetics.
  • Customization with Logo: We offer the possibility of printing your logo directly on the film. This not only promotes your brand effectively, but also ensures the safety and integrity of the cargo during transportation and storage.
  • Coreless Coils: Our coreless coils are an eco-friendly option, as they eliminate the central mandrel. This reduces weight and waste generation during the manual baling process, thus contributing to sustainability and ecology.
  • Lighter weight: The coils for manual application are smaller and lighter compared to conventional options. This makes them ideal for environments where space and ergonomics are critical, making them easy to handle and store.
  • Different micron sizes: We offer different micron sizes to suit your specific needs. You can select the film thickness that best suits your products and protection requirements, which translates into optimal cost performance.
  • Minifilm: For applications where space and weight are especially important, the minifilm is available. This even more compact and lightweight option is perfect for logistical situations where every gram counts.

Manual Stretch Film is a versatile and adaptable solution that combines customization, sustainability and efficiency in the packaging and protection of your products. Whether you are looking to reduce costs, improve brand visibility or minimize your environmental footprint, this product offers a wide range of advantages to meet your logistics and packaging needs.

Automatic Stretch Film

Automatic Stretch Film, designed for use on automatic or semi-automatic wrapping machines, stands out for its exceptional versatility and performance.

  • Variety of Colors: Our automatic stretch film rolls are available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to select the option that best suits your product identification and organization needs. From standard colors such as clear, black and white to custom options, you have the flexibility to choose.
  • Wide Range of Thicknesses: We offer a variety of film thicknesses ranging from 9 to 50 microns. This wide range of thickness options allows you to tailor the film to your specific products and ensure optimum protection without wasting material or compromising the safety of your goods.
  • Adjustable Pre-Stretch Levels: The automatic stretch film allows for pre-stretching ranging from 100% to 350%. This feature gives you precise control over film tension and efficiency during the wrapping process. You can adjust the pre-stretching level according to the fragility of the products and the security needs of the load.
  • Logo Printing Possibility: Further customize your packaging with the option of printing your company logo directly on the film. This not only promotes your brand effectively, but also provides an additional layer of security by ensuring the inviolability of the cargo and providing brand visibility throughout the supply chain.

Automatic Stretch Film is an advanced and adaptable packaging solution that combines a choice of colors, a wide variety of thicknesses, adjustable pre-stretch levels and logo customization.

Macroperforated Stretch Film

Macroperforated Stretch Film is a specialized solution that plays a key role in situations where ventilation, cooling, drying or maintaining a stable temperature is crucial. Its main features, detailed and expanded, are presented below:

  • Optimal Ventilation: This type of film has strategically placed micro-perforations that allow optimal ventilation around the packaged products. These micro-perforations ensure that air circulates freely, which is essential for products that require adequate air circulation, such as fruits, vegetables, frozen products and other perishable foods. This feature helps to maintain the freshness and quality of the products during transportation and storage.
  • Thermal Protection: Macroperforated Stretch Film plays an essential role in the thermal protection of temperature sensitive products. Prevents frozen products from heating during transport in varying environmental conditions, which is critical for the preservation of their quality. In addition, it prevents the formation of condensation inside the pallet, which can be detrimental to products that are sensitive to moisture.
  • Solution for Hot-Cold Lines: This film is the ideal solution for companies that handle products that experience temperature fluctuations, such as in hot-cold lines. Their ability to adapt to temperature changes without compromising product quality is essential in these applications.
  • Manual or Automatic Application: Macroperforated Stretch Film is versatile and can be applied either manually or automatically, allowing it to be used in a variety of logistic environments and processes. This means that you can choose the method that best suits your needs and resources.

Recyclable Stretch Film

Recyclable Stretch Film is an innovative packaging solution designed to minimize environmental impact while providing efficient product protection and safety. Below, we detail and expand on its main features:

  • Environmental Sustainability: One of the most outstanding features of Recyclable Stretch Film is its commitment to environmental sustainability. It is made from recyclable materials and, in some cases, even recycled content. This contributes to reducing waste generation and promoting responsible practices in the supply chain.
  • Plastic Waste Reduction: Because it is recyclable, recyclable stretch film helps to combat the global problem of plastic waste accumulation. Its design allows it to be collected and recycled efficiently once its function has been fulfilled, thus reducing the amount of single-use plastic in the environment.
  • Effective Protection: Despite its focus on sustainability, Recyclable Stretch Film does not skimp on product protection. It offers high strength and stability, ensuring that products are kept safe and secure during transportation and storage, while minimizing damage and waste.
  • Versatility in Applications: This type of film adapts to a wide variety of applications and sectors, from the food industry to general logistics. It can be used on automatic wrapping machines or applied manually, providing flexibility for companies of different sizes and logistical needs.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Recyclable Stretch Film complies with environmental standards and regulations, ensuring that companies using it are aligned with sustainability standards and can meet the expectations of environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Brand Awareness: Using recyclable stretch film is also an opportunity to enhance brand image and demonstrate a strong environmental commitment. You can communicate to your customers and business partners that you are taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of your operations.

If you have any doubts or questions about this product or any other solution, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to offer you the best possible advice for you and your business.


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