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In the dynamic world of industry and logistics, product protection is an unavoidable priority. In this context, we present an innovative solution that redefines the way cardboard reels are secured and preserved: Reinforcement and Protection Caps. Meticulously designed to reinforce and safeguard the cardboard mandrel on which the valuable coils are wound, these plugs represent a significant advance in terms of performance and economy compared to other conventional materials. Its design incorporates an anchorage adapted to the mandrel, providing a safe and efficient clamping.

Why use our Stoppers?

One of the distinctive features of these plugs lies in their ability to effectively collect and block the outer packaging of coils, whether in the form of films or paper. This feature ensures that the contents of the coils remain intact and protected during transport and storage. In addition, its intuitive design ensures easy application and removal, streamlining handling processes and minimizing downtime.

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Available Plug Grades

We have 3 types of caps made of different materials to provide specific characteristics to each format.

Standard Polypropylene Stoppers

Our line of Polypropylene Standard Plugs represents a reliable and versatile solution for reinforcing and protecting the cardboard mandrels on which coils are wound. These plugs are precision engineered to ensure greater durability and safety during handling, transport and storage of valuable coils. Manufactured from high quality polypropylene, these plugs offer a unique combination of strength and flexibility.

The key to the versatility of Polypropylene Standard Plugs lies in their adaptable design, which makes them suitable for the vast majority of applications on all mandrel diameters. This means that regardless of the size of your coils, our plugs will provide a secure and effective fit. This feature not only simplifies the selection process, but also streamlines supply and inventory management.

Polypropylene Standard Plugs are specially designed to meet the needs of various industries, from manufacturing to distribution. Its robust construction allows the cardboard mandrels to be reinforced and protects them from deformation, damage and premature wear. In addition, its design includes an anchorage adapted to the mandrel that provides a reliable and resistant fastening.

Regardless of whether your reels contain films or paper, our plugs are prepared to collect and block the outer packaging, ensuring the safety and integrity of the contents. The application and removal of these plugs are simple and fast, which contributes to operational efficiency by minimizing downtime.

High Resistance Plugs

Our line of High Strength Plugs represents the culmination of advanced engineering and premium materials, offering a superior solution for reinforcing and safeguarding the cardboard mandrels that support valuable reels. These plugs have been meticulously designed to meet the industry’s most demanding challenges, ensuring maximum protection and durability.

A distinctive aspect of these plugs lies in their polycarbonate (PC) composition, a material recognized for its exceptional strength and resistance. This choice of material ensures that the plugs not only withstand the stresses and rigors of shipping and storage, but also provide a robust defense against deformation and damage to the mandrels.

A particular focal point is the adaptability of our Heavy Duty Plugs. Thanks to their polycarbonate design and composition, these plugs have been specifically adapted and recommended for use on large diameter mandrels. This makes them the perfect choice for applications involving larger coils, where especially rugged protection is needed.

The construction of these plugs incorporates meticulous attention to detail, including an anchor designed to perfectly fit the cardboard mandrel. This ensures a firm and reliable hold, reducing the possibility of unwanted movement during transport and handling.

Regardless of whether the reels contain materials such as films or paper, our Heavy Duty Stoppers are designed to collect and block the outer packaging, providing an additional layer of security for the contents. In addition, cap installation and removal are easy and efficient, contributing to agile handling and storage processes.

Biodegradable Stoppers

We are proud to introduce our line of Biodegradable Caps, an advanced and sustainable solution designed to reinforce and protect the cardboard mandrels that hold the reels responsibly. These closures not only stand out for their functionality and durability, but also for their commitment to the environment through their certification and safe disposal capabilities.

Manufactured from high quality biodegradable materials and backed by reliable certification, our Biodegradable Caps offer an ethical approach to product protection. This certification guarantees that, after use, the caps decompose naturally, minimizing their environmental impact and contributing to sustainability.

One of the outstanding aspects of our plugs is their ability to adapt to a variety of mandrel diameters, making them ideal for various applications in the industry. Its carefully crafted design includes an anchor that fits securely to the cardboard mandrel, ensuring reliable and stable protection during transport and storage.

Regardless of the contents of the reels, whether films or other materials, our Biodegradable Caps are designed to collect and block the outer packaging, providing an additional layer of protection. In addition, these plugs are easy to install and remove, which facilitates handling and storage processes.

In case this solution does not perfectly fit the needs of your products or services you can always contact us directly and we will be happy to find the best alternative for you.


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