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Lashing Tapes

In the competitive world of transport and logistics, the safety of goods during transit is essential. This is where our advanced Lashing Straps come into play, a leading solution designed to secure your loads reliably and efficiently. With a combination of exceptional strength, long-term durability and ease of use, our lashing tapes are set to transform the way you ensure the integrity of your products during their journey from origin to destination.

Regardless of whether you’re involved in land, sea, or air transportation, our lashing straps adapt to various situations and load sizes. From generously sized pallets in containers to smaller shipments in delivery vehicles, our lashing solution offers an efficient and safe way to keep your products in place and in optimal condition during the journey.

Lashing Tapes

What sets our lashing tapes apart is their ability to withstand extreme forces. Made with high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology, these belts ensure that your loads remain stationary, even when facing sudden movements or vibrations along the way. This feature is essential to prevent damage, minimize losses, and ensure end-customer satisfaction.

In addition to their robustness, our lashing belts are designed with efficiency in mind. Its quick and easy installation process not only saves time in the loading and unloading phase, but also contributes to a more agile and cost-effective supply chain. The versatility of our belts makes it possible to secure a wide range of products, from boxed products to irregularly shaped objects.

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Features of Lashing Straps

The Lashing Belts that we offer have a series of outstanding features that ensure maximum safety and efficiency in the transport of loads:

  • Simplified Lashing System: Our lashing straps stand out for their intuitive and functional design. They are used with a tensioner, which makes the process of securing loads fast, efficient and suitable even for non-specialist personnel.
  • High Quality Material: Made from high-strength polyester, our lashing tapes ensure long-term durability and reliability. The polyester material is known for its tensile and wear resistance, ensuring that your loads are protected at all times.
  • Variety of Width and Strength: Recognising the diversity of loads that need to be secured, we offer lashing straps in a range of widths and strength levels. This allows the belt to be tailored to the specific needs of your shipments, ensuring that each load is properly secured.
  • International Certifications: Safety is paramount, and our lashing straps are approved and certified by a number of renowned international laboratories. They meet the strictest quality and safety standards, providing peace of mind that your products are protected with trusted products.
  • Resistance to Extreme Forces: Designed to withstand sudden stresses and movements, our lashing belts ensure that loads remain stable and safe during transport. This minimizes the risks of damage and loss, keeping customer satisfaction intact.
  • Application Versatility: From large, uniform loads to irregularly shaped objects, our lashing belts adapt to a wide variety of products and transport situations. Its versatility ensures a reliable solution no matter the complexity of the shipment.

Usefulness of Lashing Straps

Lashing Belts, designed to effectively secure goods during transport, have a wide field of application in various logistics modalities. Thanks to their intuitive design and resiliency, they are used in a variety of contexts to ensure that loads arrive at their destination in optimal condition. Some of the places where these lashing straps are employed are:

  1. Trucks: In ground transportation, lashing tapes are used to secure goods onto trucks and trailers. This prevents sliding, tilting or moving of loads during travel, preventing damage and ensuring the safety of both goods and drivers and other road users.
  2. Shipping Containers: In ocean freight, containers may face sudden movements due to waves and sea conditions. Lashing belts are essential for maintaining the stability of the goods inside the container, preventing damage from collisions and ensuring a smooth arrival at the destination ports.
  3. Ships: On cargo ships and vessels, lashing straps are crucial for maintaining the integrity of cargoes during voyages. The movement of water can be unpredictable, and these straps help prevent loads from shifting and colliding with each other, maintaining boating safety.
  4. Trains: In rail transport, lashing straps are used to secure goods onto wagons and platforms. As trains move through different terrains and varying speeds, these belts prevent loads from shifting and being damaged due to vibration and movement.
  5. Flatracks: Flatracks are special platforms used in the transport of oversized or irregularly shaped loads. Lashing straps are essential here to secure these unique loads securely, ensuring they stay in place during transport and don’t cause problems for other vehicles on the road.

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