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Inflatable Bags

Discover the perfect solution to protect your products with our wide range of high-quality inflatable bags. Designed to fit any shape and size, our bags provide optimal protection during transport and storage. Inflatable bags are the fastest, cheapest, safest and most modern goods fastening system on the market today. Trust our industrial packaging and keep your products safe at all times!

The Benefits of Inflatable Bags

These are the many benefits that our inflatable bags offer to ensure the integrity of your products and improve your logistics process:

  1. Reusable: All our bags are reusable, which allows you to reduce costs and contribute to the care of the environment.
  1. Fast lashing system: Our inflatable bags have the fastest lashing system for lashing goods, speeding up your packing operations.
  1. Easy Application: Its application system is extremely simple, which optimizes packaging time and avoids complications in the process.
  1. Deliveries without damage or claims: Thanks to the security provided by our bags, your goods will reach their final destination without being damaged or generating claims.
  1. Versatility in transport: Suitable for trucks, trains, ships, shipping containers and more, our bags adapt to different modes of transport.
  1. Customer loyalty: By ensuring the protection of your products during transport, you increase the trust and loyalty of your customers.
  1. Diversity of measures: We offer several sizes adaptable to all types of goods, ensuring a tailor-made solution for your products.
  1. Custom Resistance: With various strength qualities, our bags support loads of up to 40 tons, providing reliable protection for products of any size or weight.
  1. Reduction of insurance costs: By reducing the likelihood of damage during transport, our inflatable bags allow you to reduce the cost of insurance associated with your shipments.
  1. Cost-effective solution: In addition to their countless advantages, our inflatable bags represent a highly economical solution, giving you an excellent return on investment.

Need a customized solution?

Contact us and we will offer you a solution adapted to your needs.

Special inflatable bags

We make all kinds of inflatable bags so that they are completely adapted to the needs of our customers.

Square Bags

Ideal for filling large gaps, especially in those loads where we have an odd pallet or in the center of the truck or container and with 2 very large gaps on the sides.

Bags with rigid and flat support

It makes it easy to leave the bag resting between the pallets without the need to hold it all the time.

Bags with adhesive strips

Being able to stick the bag to one of the sides of the pallet or to the side of the container, which avoids having to hold the bag while we inflate it.

Container bag

Inflatable bag made to measure for the 20′ or 40′ container, ideal for very long loads.

Bag blocker

System composed of 2 inflatable bags joined together by a layer of very resistant raffia, so that it can act as a locking system at the end of the load, acting as a protective barrier and preventing the goods from being moved backwards.

Guaranteed protection for multiple industries

Our heavy-duty inflatable bags suit the needs of a multitude of industries. From Food to Renewable Energy, our bags ensure the integrity of your products during transport and storage. For Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Ceramics, Electronics, Heavy Industry, Perfumes, Coils, Explosives, Lubricants, Renewable Energies, Detergents, Glass Sector and Exporters, our solutions offer safety and reliability. Protect what matters most with our inflatable bags, designed to fit a variety of industrial needs and ensure peace of mind in every shipment

Inflatable Bag Size Chart

We have the following measurements shown in the table in stock in our warehouses, in the event that you need a specific measurement you can make an order suggestion and we will take care of making it possible.

Inflatable bags


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