One of the main causes of claims of their products transported in maritime containers, is usually the humidity that is created inside the container, the so-called “rain effect”.

The humidity of the air together with the humidity that the packagings carry, tend to create inside a tropical microclimate that facilitates the penetration of water vapor inside the transported packagings. This process results in the formation of condensation, forming and drying several times during the journey, and ultimately ends up damaging the merchandise. Preventing the formation of condensation inside the container is the indispensable task to protect and preserve the quality of its products during export in containers.

Desiccant bags are used to protect merchandise during transport in maritime containers, and are used to protect products and packaging during the journey of possible damage to the goods, such as oxidation, humidity …

The desiccants must be placed outside the packaging, hanging or on top of the pallets. In this way, it will absorb the condensation that occurs inside the containers, the so-called “rain effect”, and will protect the packaging and its products from possible damage to the goods, such as oxidation, humidity, etc.

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We have different types of desiccants:

Natural clay + calcium chloride:

They are desiccant bags to protect the goods from moisture during transport in containers.

The desiccant is composed of natural clay and calcium chloride. Under normal conditions, it is advisable to put 1 kg. Per foot, that is, 20 kg. for 20 ‘and 40 kg containers. for 40 ‘containers. The desiccant bags have to be evenly distributed inside the container.



It is the new concentrated desiccant specially designed for marine containers, which transforms moisture into gel. The main advantages over traditional 2kg desiccants is shorter placement time (fewer bags per container and less weight are needed), lower storage cost (occupies 4 times less space), no oozing of water once saturated, and suitable for food environments.

Under normal conditions it is advisable to place 4 container gel in a 20 ‘container and 8 in a 40’ container.


Natural clay:

Desiccant of natural clay to protect the products from moisture inside enclosed spaces or packaging. Very useful for chemical products, machinery, electronics…