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Cardboard with Polyethilene and PET:

It is a resistant packaging It becomes an insulating packaging at extreme temperatures, 100% recyclable and resistant to external humidity while maintaining the interior.

Insulation to liquids and fats: PET is a resistant insulating barrier. The low humidity transmission makes its structure more resistant.

Resistant to extreme temperatures: Resistant to heat (+220 ºC) and deep-frozen (-40ºC). It can be used in food freezing lines or packing hot pieces.

No corrosion: Its surface is smooth, without corrosion or abrasion with the contents. Avoid contact and fiber transfer between content and continent.

The cardboard with PET opens a wide range of possibilities in industrial packaging, as a substitute for poliespán and polypropylene. More economical and 100% recyclable. Can be made in plates or any die-cut that is needed (boxes, separators, customized packaging …)

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Bio-quality: PVA glue-laminated

HS-quality: heat-laminated liquid board for the most humid conditions or where very high strength is required

Self-adhesive options


Replaces expensive packaging material
Savings in materials and labour
Is environmentally friendly
Can be sent all over the world without any need for extra treatment, such as the fumigation required for wooden material
Allows you to optimise your transport space by double-stacking
Strengthens your package and minimises transport damage


Doors and windows
Consumer products
Personal care
Food industry

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Wrap around Edgeboards

WA-edgeboard is especially designed for rolls, round tables or other round or irregular objects. Due to its flexible strong structure it gives good protection and is still easy to handle.
It is commonly used in the steel-, paper- , plastic-, drums- and furniture industries.
The steel industry has traditionally used steel protection for the ends of its coils. WA-edgeboard has been a good alternative as it is recyclable and user-friendly.

Cardboard separators

100% recycled multilayer cardboard: rigid cardboard, flat and uniform weight
Reusable: cost reduction and efficiency increase
Additional protection of the products: stabilizes the products, distributes the uniform weight to guarantee stability during storage and transport
Measures: exact and necessary according to customer needs
Cutting: in corners or die cutting
Formats: plates, strips…
Compliance with all regulations: periodic analysis and controls


Food industry
Industrial Sectors

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Corrugated Cardboard

It is a very light and flexible material with great resistance to breakage and friction, allowing an optimum protection of products.
Its availability in wide widths and stockings facilitate its use in any situation.
Because of its grooving, it produces a high resistance padding.
Filling of holes and intermediate spaces, protector of floors, installation of floating platforms, and a long etcetera, since it has thousands of applications.
It can be applied in almost all sectors.

U Profiles

Protects the product while holding it together.
Two U-Profiles make a transport box.
Punched-out corners convert the U-Profile into a frame.
FlexProfile allows you to protect uneven shapes.
Shock absorber for door openings, stairs or fragile equipment during renovation or repair work.

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Heavy industry